Rapid Healing

for Narcissistic Abuse and Other Emotional Issues

Full Discloser:

The posts on this blog were written almost five years ago while trying to find a way to heal my mind. And I’m glad I did because I wouldn’t be able to write them today, and it led me to RTT. I do refresh the posts. For the most part, I don’t change them too much, so you know I understand. I will believe you when you tell me what happened to you because I’ve been there. I know what’s it like. I also found a way out, a way to heal, and then I came looking for you because I know you’ve been looking for me too.

Scientifically Proven way to heal from narcissistic abuse and other emotional issues

Do you want confidence, self-esteem, and to believe in yourself again?

Are you struggling with depression, weight gain, anxiety or sleep issues?

Are you constantly doubting yourself and questioning every decision you make?

What Can (RTT) Rapid transformational Therapy Do for you...

You’ve discovered the most advanced emotional healing method of the 21st century, and it’s won over two dozen awards worldwide.

RTT finds the source of the feeling or the part of your mind holding you back and keeping you stuck. Once you understand this part of yourself and why it came to be, you can give it a much-needed upgrade and transform this part of you.


Emotional Issues


Remove the feeling of hopelessness and resolve core beliefs that make you believe: 

You’re not good enough.

You’re different than everyone else.

Certain things in life are not available to you because they never have been.

Recover from mental, psychological, and emotional abuse so you can be comfortable in your own skin.

Understand addiction and overeating are emotional issues that can’t be fixed using logic.

Got anxiety, insomnia, stress, depression, or guilt? RTT can help you with that.


Money Blocks


Eliminate the feeling of imposter syndrome and/or any fear of success.

Find your purpose. Reclaim the confidence and self-esteem you were born with, and never be afraid to use your voice or share your talent again.

Wealth wiring. The drive, focus, and determination to build a successful business.

Remove limiting beliefs about money.


heal your mind in one session

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy?

Formal Definition of Rapid Transformational Therapy- a powerful hybrid method (created by my teacher Marisa Peer) that gets to the root cause of why we may feel stuck. It is a method that combines the most effective techniques from NLP, CBT, hypnotherapy, and psychotherapy with the ability to transform lives powerfully and permanently. During a session, we uncover the negative meaning/interpretation of (self beliefs) from previous life events and then change that meaning/interpretation (self beliefs) to ones that are positive and empowering. A personalized recording is created to rewire the subconscious mind for fast, effective and long term change.

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RTT is scientifically proven, which means you will experience measurable results. Book your session now and experience the most advanced healing method of the 21st century.

Here's what everyone is sayinG:

hello and welcome

I’m Dawn Sorenson, a Licensed RTT Practitioner specializing in narcissistic abuse and/or adults raised by a narcissistic or emotionally unavailable parent.

I realize many of you have yet to hear about (RTT) Rapid Transformational Therapy, and that’s because it’s a hidden little gem created by Marisa Peer. It’s over 30 years of her work, and she decided to share her genius with the world.

Her work has been scientifically proven, which means you experience measurable results you can see and feel. 

Once I felt the results of this type of therapy, there were tears of joy and relief because this unhappiness had been with me for so long, I thought I was stuck like that forever.

I felt like myself for the first time in my life, it was like nothing I’d ever felt before, and more importantly… it doesn’t wear off. Instead, the feeling matures and settles as you continue to improve each day.

Sometimes, you can get those ‘feel good’ results with other methods, but they don’t last. Other people would love it, but it doesn’t work for people like us. I think you know that too because chances are you’ve tried other things to help you heal, and it didn’t work, did it?

When you’re raised in such a toxic environment, it seeps in and lives deep down inside you at a much deeper level. 

You were not born this way.

Babies are not born with low self-esteem or a lack of confidence. Babies have no concept of why someone doesn’t like them or why someone wouldn’t love them. Babies come straight from the universe as pure and beautiful as anything this world has to offer; they are perfect little beings with no emotional flaws.

So we know that whatever you’re struggling with, whatever issues you’re having, you were not born this way. At some point in your life, it was added in, and that means you have the power to remove it. 

You didn’t do this to yourself, and this about taking your power back, PERMANENTLY.

Marisa Peer’s method can help you do this in as little as one to three sessions, and that’s why the word RAPID is not an overstatement. Once the inner mind understands something, it can’t go back once it knows the truth. 

And I can tell you, as a person who has a pretty good idea of what you’ve been through, you need this.

If you’re tired of “just surviving” the day, schedule your session, and together we can put things right once and for all. 

With a 95% success rate, you can expect permanent results in as little as one to three sessions. This isn’t like traditional therapy that takes years to work. This is 21st-century groundbreaking emotional healing that goes right to the root cause and core issue. You can heal quickly without spending a fortune because it works the first time.

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This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

The Most effective way to recover from narcissistic abuse

Two hours of Rapid Transformational Therapy is worth ten years of traditional therapy. Don’t waste any more time and money not getting better.

($200 per session)


Frequently Asked Questions:

Formal Definition of Rapid Transformational Therapy- a powerful hybrid method that gets to the root cause of why we may feel stuck. It is a method that combines the most effective techniques from NLP, CBT, hypnotherapy, and psychotherapy with the ability to transform lives powerfully and permanently. During a session, we uncover the negative meaning/interpretation of (self beliefs) from previous life events and then change that meaning/interpretation (self beliefs) to ones that are positive and empowering. A personalized recording is created to download new coding like a computer getting an upgrade designed for the subconscious mind so you can get fast, effective, and permanent change.

We upgrade and update everything in our lives expect for our thinking and now I use RTT in every area of my life. 

If you’re still here reading this then you should take a leap of faith and try it. Everyone who’s had this experience knows it works and you don’t have to keep feeling bad all the time, we can make it stop, and that’s why I’m here doing this. 

I know what you’re feeling and I spent decades looking for a way to make it stop and nothing worked… until now.

My teacher Marisa Peer is an absolute genius. A real live genius and her work is changing the world one person at a time. She loves to swear and cuss a little so, of course, I love her for that too.

Rapid Transformational Therapy is unlike anything on the market with over a 95% success rate. Created and developed by Britain’s #1 Therapist (my teacher/trainer) Marisa Peer. RTT has won over a dozen awards worldwide for her unconventional approach to healing therapy with hypnosis.

You will be contacted immediately by email. You’ll be asked to fill out the Intake Form and Waiver and have them completed 48 hours before your session. Please take your time when filling out the Intake Form because it tells me exactly how to help and lets you get clear on what you want from your session. 

A short-term fix is no better than a bandaid when you’re bleeding out. The healing and understanding you gain from being in this deeply relaxed state will permanently change your life for the better. Once the mind learns and understands something it can never go back to its previous state. 

Everyone has a very reasonable and understanding inner mind, but it’s confused so I help you process all of this. And I’m specially trained to not interfere or inject my own interpretation. This is your journey and it is for you to understand.

Everyone is different. Many people see results the first 1 to 3 days. For some there is a lag time and it won’t happen as quickly. For others it’s cumulative change over a period time especially when dealing with issues like weight loss, eating disorders, and healing from physical injury. All my clients feel amazing as soon as the session is over and this feeling is an emotional shift that never goes away. It never fades away like everything else you’ve tried because once the mind understands the reason and the root cause, the healing is permanent.

This is to inform you what data I am collecting from you and what I intend to do with it.

What data do I keep and why do I need it?

Name and age – this is basic information that helps me get to know you.

Address, email address, phone number – I use this as a way of contacting you regarding your sessions. I will mainly use the method you first contacted me on but if I cannot reach you, I will try a different method.

Next of kin/medical professional’s details – If I was worried that you were at risk then I may need to contact your next of kin or medical professional if I can. I will let you know when/if I am going to do this.

Will I share your data and if I do, who will I share it with and for what purpose?

It is very unlikely that I will share your data. I will not sell it on or use it for unethical reasons. I may have to share it if my notes are subpoenaed by court, if you or anyone you tell me about is at harm or risk of harm I may have to pass this information on. I may also discuss your case during supervision but I only use your first name.

How will I store your data?

Hard copies of session notes are kept in a locked filing cabinet. Immediately after the work is finished, I transfer the data with your initials to my password-protected computer. Your phone number(s) may be kept in my business mobile phone with your first name and last initial. Only I will access your information.

How long will I store your data for and how will I dispose of it?

I will keep your details and session notes for the time required by my insurer (currently 7).

After this time I will destroy any document with your personal information and delete your phone number out of my mobile phone.


Please read these terms and conditions which apply to the provision of my professional services. By making an appointment, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. If you are unable or unwilling to agree to these terms and conditions, then you should not book an appointment or continue with your course of therapy.


A free 15-minute online initial consultation will be offered upon request. No therapy will be provided during the consultation.

The purpose of this initial consultation is to answer any questions you may have. During these calls, estimates of the number of sessions required to deal with your presenting issue are given on the basis of the information presented at that time. Estimates are only rough guidelines and are subject to change.


In-person sessions: The balance of the fee is due when you schedule your session or 48 hours prior to the first session. No refunds will be issued for cancellations within 48 hours of the session appointment.

Online sessions: The balance of the fee is due when you schedule your session and the Intake Form & Waiver must be submitted at least 48 hours before your session.


Cancellation & rescheduling

If you need to cancel or re-schedule a session, please provide as much notice as possible. Notification must be made via email or phone call at least 48 hours prior to an in-person session or 24 hours for an online session.


No refunds will be issued for cancellations within 48 hours of in-person sessions or 24 hours of online sessions.

Session fees are for my time and professional expertise and are not a guarantee of a successful outcome. Therefore, no refunds will be given for any sessions where you have attended and paid for the session.

Where a discount package or therapy program has been booked and paid for in advance, if you choose to discontinue your therapy process before attending all the sessions, a pro-rated refund will be issued after deduction of the full standard session fee for any sessions you have attended.

Session Fees

All professional fees will be disclosed to you prior to booking. My professional fees are subject to review and may increase from time to time. You will always receive confirmation of the professional fees before booking.

Payment Methods

Payment may be made online via credit/debit card or PAYPAL™. Payment for in-person sessions can also be made via credit/debit card at the end of your session. Cash and checks will not be accepted without prior agreement.


Any contact between sessions will be by telephone, email, or letter during office hours only (insert office hours). Any messages received outside of these hours will be dealt with during office hours only.


I may ask questions about your medical history to establish any contra-indications to treatment. This will also help to assess whether your health is affecting (or being affected by) the therapeutic goals you wish to achieve. Please update me of any medical changes during your course of therapy, or if you are returning to therapy after a period of absence.

If you are receiving care or treatment from any medical, healthcare, or therapy practitioner, e.g. GP, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, or Counsellor, you may be asked to seek their permission before any therapy sessions can commence.

*Please note that I will be unable to offer my professional services if you suffer from epilepsy or any form of psychosis.


You must be at least 18 years old to participate in online sessions. Clients under the age of 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and will be seen in-person.


Please ensure that you are available at your session start time. If you are running late, please let me know as soon as possible. I will do my best to make a full session available, however, as the ability to do this will depend on bookings after your session, this cannot be guaranteed.


Hypnotherapy recordings should not be listened to whilst driving, operating machinery, or undertaking any other activity where concentration is required. Any recording provided is for your personal use only and must not be shared, lent, copied, or sold under any circumstances.


The agreement to work on the issues presented by you in no way implies or guarantees the resolution of your presenting issue(s). No outcome can or will be guaranteed. However, I will always endeavor to use my best efforts and skills to work towards your goals and intended outcomes.


During the course of any therapy sessions, I will treat you with respect and not abuse the trust you place in me. I will use best practices at all times in our mutual interest. In return, you undertake not to harm yourself, or any other person, including me, or any property belonging to either me or any other person.

You agree not to attend sessions under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs, except those medications which have been prescribed by your doctor. If you do attend any sessions under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs or demonstrate violent or abusive behavior, I will cancel the session and may refuse to see you for any further sessions without refunding any payment already made.


All contact, including sessions, telephone conversations, and emails, will be conducted in confidence and may be recorded. Prior to any recording, your agreement will be sought. All recordings, conversations, and notes will remain confidential, except in the following circumstances:

  1. Where you give permission for confidentiality to be broken.
  2. Where I am compelled by a court of law.
  3. Where a referring GP or other healthcare professional requires a report. A copy of the report will be available on request
  4. Where the information is of a nature that confidentiality cannot be maintained, for example:
  • The possibility of harm to yourself or others exists.
  • In cases of fraud or crime.
  • When minors (under 18 years old) are involved.


Under no circumstances will [practitioner name] be liable for any damages, including without limitation, direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive, consequential, or other damages (including without limitation lost profits, lost revenues, or similar economic loss), whether in contract, tort or otherwise, arising out of the advice or information provided to you during professional services provided by [practitioner name]. In addition, you agree to defend, indemnify, and hold [practitioner name] harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, liabilities, damages, and expenses (including legal fees) arising out of your participation in the professional services.


These terms and conditions and any other matters arising out of or in relation to these terms, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of South Dakota. You agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the South Dakota courts to settle any dispute which may arise out of or in connection with these terms and conditions.


These terms and conditions are subject to revisions without notice. Please familiarize yourself with any amendments if you have re-started therapy with me after a long period of absence.


For my services, your personal data is collected, processed, used, and stored in accordance with the following privacy policy above.

By booking an appointment, you signify your acceptance of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to this policy, please do not book an appointment. The terms of this Privacy Policy may change from time to time without prior notice to you, so please check my website periodically for any changes.


If you have a concern or complaint regarding your therapy, please discuss this with me in the first instance and I will endeavor to resolve the issue.


By booking a session you are consenting to this Client Agreement, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the Client Agreement. You also agree with the statements below:

I confirm that I have been advised by Dawn Sorenson of the scope of the therapies that she provides and give my full consent to receiving therapy sessions from Dawn Sorenson

I understand that results may vary from person to person and the agreement with Dawn Sorenson to work on the issues or problems presented by me, using whatever therapies are appropriate to my situation, in no way implies or guarantees the resolution of any presenting problems or issues.

I understand that hypnotherapy or any other therapy or information provided by Dawn Sorenson either in person or via telephone, email, or internet, is not a replacement or substitute for medical, psychological, or psychiatric treatment. If I have any doubts or concerns about my health, I will seek advice from an appropriately qualified healthcare professional.

I declare that, if advised by Dawn Sorenson prior to or following any therapy sessions, to seek medical approval, I will consult with my GP, hospital consultant, and/or other healthcare professional and gain the appropriate written approval for [practitioner name] prior to the next therapy session.

I have been advised that I am free to terminate any or all sessions at any time.

I understand that my level of motivation is vital in the therapy process and I agree to participate to the best of my ability at all times, including making reasonable use of therapeutic suggestions during and between sessions, as well as listening to MP3 recordings and/or carrying out other therapeutic tasks as appropriate.

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