Journal Entry (real-time)

Day 1: After My Advanced Energy Healing

Hello everyone, I have something brand new to share with you today! I’ve had an experience that blew my mind.

This Advanced Energy Healer has a special gift, and I couldn’t wait to share my experience with you. Advanced energy healing helped save my marriage. The clarity and rebalancing it gave me helped me find a way to heal my marriage and myself. Read my testimonial, and maybe it can help you too.

Every energy healer, hypnotherapist, therapist, or coach knows that sometimes you need to phone a friend to help you clear your own energies. In the month of July, we went through a lot at my house. It threw everything off balance, and I wasn’t doing great before July happened, so I decided it was time to take care of me.

As you may already know, I’m a hypnotherapist, so normally I would use my own skills to fix any issues, but this was different. I didn’t know how to fix it or what to fix. It felt like all of my energies were jumbled inside, and I couldn’t sort them out. I understand trauma and have resolved my childhood trauma. But this was different.

I’m still struggling to put into words what I experienced. We’ve all heard about energy healings and energy work, but this is much more advanced.

This energy healer’s name is Kat. She has a special gift, and I will not attempt to define it as only she can do that, so I’ll stick to my experience and what happened to me.

She does all her sessions over the phone, which threw me off. I’m wondering how this woman is gonna heal me with a phone call? I needed at least a Zoom session or something, right?



She does the energy healing over the phone!

During the session, she teaches you exactly how to do these energy healings for yourself. Now, Kat describes her ability as a feeling ability. She doesn’t get a vision of what’s going on with you; she feels into you. It feels like she’s stepping into your body and looking around. That’s the best way I can describe the sensation of it. And, of course, she asks your permission before it happens, so you’re prepared for it.

Kat is fast on her feet and can match your energy. She rotated my whole world around in an hour. She also helped me send healing to my daughter to help stabilize her energies. After we were done, I immediately contacted my daughter and told her to accept the energy healing we sent her way. Later that night, she stopped by and said as soon as she accepted it, she felt a shift and started to feel better.

My daughter had no idea what was sent or what was done, or what my session was about. So there’s confirmation number one that this works. My session with Kat was over now, but the healing experience was not.

That night I was fighting bedtime like I normally do, but something started pushing me to go to bed. I laid down, and I could feel energy moving in my body. It was searching, soothing, and warming at times. It moved quickly and efficiently. I’m familiar with this sensation because I have some experience with quantum healing.

Again, though, this was different. Kat’s energy body was also there wrestling something out of my chest. I’ve been having what felt like a restriction or a tightening in the chest as if I was being squeezed and suffocated. I’ve had this my whole life, from childhood. You know my childhood story, so I’m sure it’s connected somehow, but it gets even more interesting.

Kat’s life partner is Kate. Kate has a toolbox. There is no way I can verbalize what this toolbox is, but Kate and her toolbox were working on me too. The whole thing lasted maybe a few minutes, and then I fell asleep. I had this dream or vision or imagination that Kat pulled this THING out of my chest, tentacles and all!

I firmly believe whatever it was would have eventually turned into a physical issue like cancer, heart problems, lung problems, you name it. My chest and upper back hurt the next day, but I could breathe again. My posture is 100% improved. My shoulders sit back now comfortably. She worked on my digestion and low back. My legs are stronger too.

My body was sore the next day, but there’s still more guys! It’s only been twenty-four hours so far! My motivation is back, my inspiration is back, and my creativity is exploding! I haven’t written in six months, and suddenly I had two posts ready to go in one day.

And remember, if this kinda stuff is not your bag, you don’t believe in it, blah, blah, blah, then this post isn’t meant for you. Don’t try anything new to help yourself, don’t have a new experience, and go find people more compatible with your rigid thinking.

Oh, yeah, feeling fearless! I feel free again to be myself, and oh, I missed this feeling. It’s as if it slipped away, and I forgot it was missing. THIS IS SO COOL!


Day 3: Um, yes, there is more.

I had an issue. I didn’t know how to heal my marriage. I’d been blocking this out for a long time. Years, in fact. The night before, something was released inside of me. The process began during the session, but wow!

On a side note, I’ll add that I’ve had a psychic and a witch healer give me unsolicited warnings about a curse or spell cast on me as a child to stop me from ever succeeding in life. I, of course, rejected all of this, but after what has happened to me, I DON’T KNOW ANYMORE!

I didn’t listen because I thought they were trying to scare me into giving them money. I figured if it was that bad, then lighting a candle and saying a prayer probably wasn’t gonna cut it (no offense to those good women trying to help me, I’m sure they get this reaction a lot). It doesn’t matter. It’s gone now, and you wouldn’t believe the space I have in my lungs. I can breathe, and it feels so good.


Back to the save my marriage issue.

Kat felt this in me, and I had it blocked for so long I didn’t really know what it was. I think it’s because it became or was turning into something I didn’t recognize anymore. This contention I had inside of me was manifesting into a physical ailment. It would’ve been bad. Real bad.

She says, “Why do you let him get away with that? Why does he get a free pass for that?” And to be honest, I never thought about it that way. I was waiting for him to make the change within himself because whenever it would happen, it was completely out of character and totally beneath him.

My husband is a wonderful man. He saved my life, and other than this, we’ve been able to work out our issues over the years and have had a very successful marriage/partnership.

Anyone who’s ever had a long-term twenty-year relationship knows that you also get to see the worst of each other sometimes too. The problem was I didn’t know how to handle the situation. I talked to him about it and told him how I felt a thousand times, and he just shut down about it. No communication. Unable to respond, I guess. How would I know, I couldn’t get him to talk to me.

I can talk to him about every single thing else, but this, he could not or would not hear me. And on day two, I realized that after all this time and all this effort, and all this work I’ve done on myself and this relationship, I couldn’t let this go anymore.

The worst part is it had to do with my own self-respect because what he was doing was so disrespectful to me, and I can assure you, my friends, I found the strength, this will not continue for even one more day.

Last night, I chewed his ass (by text after he went to bed, you know, cause I’m a writer)! Men are visual creatures anyway, so writing to them is effective.

After everything I said, and I did not hold back, noooo, I most certainly did not, I felt no guilt. I let him have the full force of my emotions. Kat unleashed something in me, and I may have let this contention go for the rest of my life and just sucked it up!

It probably would’ve ruined our marriage because how long do you wait for someone to make the changes within themselves before you lose your shit? Kat’s energy healing helped speed this up and helped me find a way to deal with it so the results would be in our highest good.

Long story short, he finally got the message. It finally clicked. He finally understood what I needed. It finally got through. I know he loves me, I’m much more sure of it now because he finally made everything okay again, and I got a rock-solid promise that I’ll never have to deal with it again.

Obviously, it’s something that’s still in progress, and we have to kinda restart or start over in that area of our relationship, but we are moving forward very quickly after a long time of being stuck and stagnant.


All I have to say is Thank You, Kat!

You would not believe the signs, synchronicities, and confirmations that are happening every step of the way. The clarity. Putting all the pieces back together in my mind so I can be okay again.

I’m feeling pretty damn powerful today.

She has a special gift, you guys. One hour with Kat will change your life. She’s straightforward, to the point, with no fluff. So if this sounds like something you’re interested in, you can connect with her here.

I highly recommend taking this ride because it’s been nothing but massive expansion and growth for me. I had the session Friday, and it’s Sunday afternoon. If you’re looking for fast and furious healing, DO IT! If you feel your energy is messed up, go to an advanced energy healer.