You’re on a mission to choose the best blog name for your blog’s topic.

It’s one of the first and most crucial decisions you have to make for your blog, and if you overthink it (as we bloggers do) you could get stuck on this step for weeks or even months.

This is not a great place to get stuck, you feel paralyzed because you don’t think you can go any further until you figure this out.

The good news is you don’t need to have it figured out yet.

As a matter of fact, you can skip this step altogether and come back to later.

It might be the best option for you if none of these other tips help.


Pick a blog name that’s easy to understand.

The smartest thing you can do is stay away from cutesy and way too clever.

Have you ever looked at a license plate and couldn’t figure out what it says?

Your blog name shouldn’t be an inside joke that only you can understand.

When I signed up with this web hosting company, they let me skip choosing a domain name and gave me a generic URL.

This is a free service they offer so you can continue creating your blog and then name it later.

A few months later I found a domain name and they let me switch it for too.


Choose a blog name that can grow with you.

As you’re building your blog and creating content, your ideas will morph or get scratched altogether.

Your brand name idea should be broad enough, so you have room to expand and grow your blog.

Maybe you have lots of ideas, and you can’t decide, narrow them down by seeing what’s available with this free domain search tool.

It doesn’t cost anything to do a search, and it’ll offer suggestions on how to slightly alter yours if the original is already taken.


Let’s be real for a minute.

If your content sucks, no one will notice your brand name. If your content is the bomb, nobody will care if your domain name is weird.

Instead of making yourself crazy, keep it simple, and make it understandable.

Put yourself in your reader’s shoes.

You’re not naming your blog for you, it’s for them, without them you wouldn’t need a name for your blog.


Should you use or a

If your blog is based on a product or a service, then use a business or product name.

On a blog where you are the coach, author, speaker, or adviser, you can use your name so that people feel like they can trust you and what you have to say.

When you brand yourself, you will be able to keep your audience and your fans forever. They will always be able to follow you and grow with you.

Using your full name is a personal choice. You can abbreviate, use some initials, maybe you have a nickname.

Here are the pros and cons of using your personal name:


  • people will trust you more if you have a name and a face
  • this is the personal branding age, and many successful bloggers use their names
  • your audience will always belong to you
  • it allows people to get to know you as a person, not a sales pitch


  • you won’t be able to sell your site for profit
  • no one can take over your website and be you
  • anyone can find you including family, friends, co-workers, and your nosy neighbor

You decide which is best for you.


Make sure it’s available on social media.

Social media is the fastest way to get traffic to your blog and start making money. Check all the sites to make sure the domain name is available across the board.

Top social media sites for blog promotion and traffic:

  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

There are plenty more, but I think we all know that these five are the top dogs.


Use appropriate domain name extensions.

Yes, it’s best to use a dot com extension if you can, but as the internet grows, the alternative extensions are becoming more popular and trusted.

  • .me: blogs, personal websites, resumes
  • .biz: commercial use or business
  • .info: basic informational websites
  • .co: community and company

Another great example is can be or instead of it can be

  • Avoid spaces and numbers in your domain name, it’s harder to remember and if the underscore is in the wrong place or the number is wrong people won’t be able to find your site.
  • Avoid slang like ‘Xcel’ instead of ‘excel’ or ‘u’ instead of ‘you.’ Even though the shorter the name, the easier it is to remember, using slang to shorten it is considered risqué.

I say avoid, but you can break the rules.


Break the rules when it comes to creativity.

Another tip is to add a word if your first choice already taken.

For example, can be Instead of it’s

When you find the name that makes you smile or laugh out loud, you’ll know it.

You can also change the URL down the road, and many websites do it every day. I

t does mean that you will have to change it everywhere inside your blog so if you decide on something else, try to do it as early in the game as possible.

Sign up for web hosting and get your domain name for free.

I couldn’t decide, and the first four names I came up with were already taken.

If your domain name is already taken by someone else, that’s a bummer, but this way you’ll have time to think of an alternative.

Better you know now than get your hopes up and be crushed later.

When my first few choices were not available, I’ll admit, it hurt a little.


Does your blog name and domain name have to match?

The short answer is no, but as a personal preference, mine will always match.

Allow yourself to create your own style and don’t be afraid to break the rules.

All these things are just suggestions, and as long as you follow a few basic guidelines, you’ll be able to choose a blog name and be confident about it.


Consider these ten things before making a final decision:

  1. Is it easy to understand?
  2. Is it easy to remember?
  3. Is it available on all social media accounts?
  4. Avoid using slang
  5. Avoid spaces and numbers
  6. Alternative extensions are popular
  7. Abbreviate to shorten the URL
  8. Check to see if it’s available
  9. If it’s taken add a small word
  10. You can change your blog name

Hopefully, this will take the pressure off or help you come up with a similar alternative if your first choice is taken.


Final thoughts…

If you’re still stuck, get a temporary domain name until you have your blog name picked out so you can continue building and writing your content.

You’re not the first blogger to struggle with your blog name and bloggers change their domain all the time.

It’s got to be something that makes you happy since you’re the one who has to live with it.

I hope you found something useful out of this post so you can continue moving forward with your blog.