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When you’re healing from narcissistic abuse, it’s always a good idea to try different kinds of self-help strategies you can do on your own time.

There are many ways you can quickly meditate during the day or night, and you can do them in as little as one minute to quickly recenter.


Guided meditations are the fastest way to teach yourself how to connect with your true self.

With a little practice and awareness, you’ll be able to stay connected to your true self no matter what transpires throughout the day.

If you’ve never tried using meditation or self-hypnosis or you’ve had a bad experience, keep reading because this is the story of how a non-believer started to believe in herself again.


If you’re healing from narcissistic abuse, you have an inner world that needs attention.

I have a beautiful inner world I use to escape, and meditation helps me develop it and bring more of it into the physical world because thoughts become things.

It’s possible you’re ashamed of this inner world because you space out, and it gets you into trouble.

As an introvert, I need my inner world, and I need to spend time there.

It’s a personality type, stop being ashamed of it, and take a free personality test.

You might be shocked by how normal you really are.

You’re not the strange one.

The narcissist trying to destroy you for no reason is the strange one.

Like what are they doing?


Why do they do such weird shit?

Then you find out all narcissists behave in very similar ways.

That’s strange.


Meditation for healing from narcissistic abuse is a healthy way to deal with negative emotions.

We all have them, and when you’re meditating, you will connect with these emotions too.

During meditation, it’s normal to reach a source or block of tension.

Many people hit this area of tension and stop.

You think you’re doing it wrong, and this isn’t how it’s supposed to feel.

Instead of rejecting this sensation, you embrace it and go into it, so to speak.

The expectation is meditation is all bright lights and warmth, and it’s is, but it’s more about opening your mind.

It’s a safe place for you to interact with negative emotions and let them be what they are.


Some meditations talk about colors.

This gets interesting when you’re processing, recovering, and healing from narcissistic abuse.

My most recent experience went like this:

She said you can use any color you want, no right or wrong.

My color was black.

Like a drop of ink from the top of my head that consumed my entire body as it slid down.

This made me very uncomfortable, and I instantly snapped out of it.

Fortunately, I didn’t stop listening this time because I’ve experienced this during meditations and self-hypnosis before.

I stayed with it and eventually went back into this other dimension.

Instead of giving in to the fear and trying to redirect myself, I allowed it.

As I embraced it, it seemed to say thank you, and I flowed into it like an ocean of rage, slapping, and pushing.

It was fiercely unrelenting, and the harder it pushed, the more I roared until finally, I gave in.

Bending with the waves, accepting it as is.

Black ink from head to toe but all around me is burning bright light, warm and full like a circle around me, protected and untouchable from the outside.

I am the eye.

The center is me.

I’m covered in black dancing and flickering in the light.

It was quite an experience, and it stayed with me for days.


Healing from narcissistic abuse is a very dark and poisonous realm without guidance.

We can get trapped in the darkness because we’re too afraid to go beyond it thinking we’ll find more or worse.

Not so.

I like black, it’s a good color on me and I wear it all the time.

If you find yourself choosing to wear black a lot, you should know it’s more instinct than anything else.


Black is protection from negative vibes.

If you like to wear black or the color black comes into your meditations, it’s not a bad thing.

Even so-called “bad emotions” come from a good place and have good intentions.

We misunderstand our inner depths and think we’re going to find a darkness in ourselves we don’t want to face.

I’ve found that if you push through it, you’ll find a deeper truth.

All the anxiety, panic, and overwhelm are only the surface of something much deeper, and it needs to be explored.

When you find those places, I recommend leaning into it.

Be curious about yourself and unafraid.

You’re not bad, you’re complex, and these kinds of exercises can bring you a deeper understanding.

One that’s not judgemental or shaming.


Narcissistic abuse changes you internally.

It twists things and skews our perception of the world and ourselves.

The judgment and shame are residual effects of narcissistic abuse.

The more you practice meditation or self-hypnosis, the deeper you can go.

You’ll recognize the strongholds and the trauma bond holding you back.

When you work through it and give yourself the respect and understanding you deserve, it helps dissolve the negative or false interpretations of emotions we’ve carried with us.

The tightness in your shoulders will release, and it feels good to dump some of that baggage.


Healing from narcissistic abuse is the process of finding the truth and your true self.

Meditations and self-hypnosis have helped me make major breakthroughs in my recovery.

I discovered weird blocks preventing me from believing in myself enough to reach my goals.

If you’ve been raised by a narcissist, self-sabotage is at the top of the list of things holding you back.

It’s happening on a subconscious level, and these tools help you bring in into the conscious where you can purposely correct your thinking.

I wanted to heal, I have the desire, but I would get stuck like hitting a brick wall.


It’s awful what being raised by a narcissist does to the mind.

The struggle to heal is full of hills and valleys.

The deeper you go, the worse it gets until you reach the bottom where the truth lives.

You realize knowing the truth is not the same as accepting it.

Try some meditation.

Try a reputable, world-class self-hypnosis expert (only $3.95 per download or package deals) to help you push to the other side.

Free yourself from the limiting beliefs forced on you by a confusing and ugly personality disorder.

I promise you your mind is a powerful thing, and the answers are inside of it.

This helped me unscramble my thoughts, and everything I needed was already there.


Find all kinds of free guided meditations on YouTube.

Everyone has their own style, so experiment with different types to find something you like.

Don’t do too many at one time.

Try one and listen to the same one for a month or so.

Find something else you like and use it for a few weeks.

I have gotten results from listening to a self-hypnosis guide only once, but it’s more effective using it repeatedly.


Guided meditation and self-hypnosis are the same things, with only a slight difference.

With self-hypnosis, you usually have an end goal in mind to become more relaxed, get better sleep, more confidence, or lose weight.

Guided meditation is more about exploring and reforming with no specific goal in mind other than to connect with yourself on a deeper level.

My experience with becoming the eye was like that with no plan or end goal.

Both are highly beneficial, and my favorite self-hypnosis guide for specific goals like sleep, anxiety, and motivation is Glen Harrold because I love his sexy male Australian voice.


Final thoughts…

I hope this helps you and gives you another way to sort out your thoughts.

My mind was a mess, and I used to have more bad days than good, but by using these tools, I’ve noticed a leveling out of my emotions.

I’m in control of them instead of them being in control of me.

In the Power Of Now, Eckhart Tolle talks about the pain body.

It can explode and take over, lashing out and wreaking havoc on your life.

This book, with the help of meditation and self-hypnosis, helps me communicate with my pain body.

The pain-body is always going to be there, but paying attention to it and acknowledging it, makes it smaller and more manageable.

When you’re not paying attention, or you dismiss your very real emotions, it’s like you’re pissing yourself off.

Get a better understanding and stop the self-sabotage.

I would love to hear what you’ve experienced in meditation or self-hypnosis, so please share it below, and it will help everyone who reads it.



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