How do you know what you’re about to pay for an (RTT) Rapid Transformational Therapy session is worth it? You found this blog, and some stranger on the internet is telling you they found a way to help you recover from narcissistic abuse. And your first thought might be, “what is this new bs?” Well, it’s me, and this is no bs.

RTT is something everyone should know about. It’s a healing method this is unlike anything you’ve seen or tried before. Most of my work is childhood problems, anxiety, depression, fears, and phobias. We’re trained to help you resolve virtually any issue, and the list of what RTT can do is almost unlimited for emotional problems.

It can also help you with any unexplained physical pain in the body. We know the body carries and stores trauma. For example, chronic hip and lower back issues can be connected to feeling a lack of emotional support. I’ve had many clients with throat issues who can’t speak up for themselves, or when they try to verbalize emotions, everything comes out wrong. This is a physical response to having your voice stifled as a child or being repeatedly shut down by someone you love and trust.


What I have to offer you is not a shot in the dark; it’s a bullseye.

No one is interested in wasting time and money on healing methods that don’t work or only give short-term results that don’t last. Unfortunately, people make promises about their products or abilities and scam people out of their hard-earned money every day. I can’t do that because I have morals, and I hate those people.

After investing in my own RTT session, I could’ve sat at home taking care of my husband, being available to my children, never do anything else, and it would be enough. Instead, I continue to invest in RTT and create this website.

But you came here for numbers, right? So let me throw a few at you right here. When I saw how badly people needed this, I ended up investing six thousand dollars in getting my RTT practitioner’s license, another two thousand for my coaching certification, and I’m also certified in Soul Speak and Beyond Quantum Healing.


RTT is a profound experience.

One session can alter the course of your life, and you don’t have to believe it for it to work. I certainly didn’t think it would work and what blew my mind is it worked despite my resistance during the session. A year later and I’m still benefiting from the results of that session. It was customized, personalized, and tailored to my specific wants and needs, and I got way more than I asked for or ever thought was possible. It has a snowball effect, and once your mind figures out how to heal, it takes off by itself, so prepare to be as shocked by the long-term results as much as I still am.

However, being the RTT practitioner and doing the session is intense. It’s time, skill, and focused energy, so I have to limit how many sessions I do in a week. I would never do more than two sessions in one day. I like to be fully present when I’m holding space for clients, and this is important work. This isn’t some happy vibe, positive thinking kind of hypnosis, or therapy. It can be serious heavy lifting for the practitioner even though it’s gentle, easy, and effortless for the client.


How do you know if you’re ready for an RTT session?

You can do an RTT session at any point in your healing journey. I knew I was ready because nothing else was working, so I tried this video below, and if this is for you, you’ll know. We use several techniques and methods in each session, but I use this technique in almost every session, and all my clients love it.

Investing in your own mental well-being is the best investment you could ever make. If your mind is not your own and these thoughts and emotions are draining all your energy, it’s impossible to move forward. This is scientifically proven to help you heal, and it’s for everyone.


An RTT Session is like putting a puzzle together.

I did all of this because I have the ability to do it. Overanalyzing and details are my thing. Building a website is like a puzzle, and you figure out how you want the pieces to fit together.

An RTT session is also like a puzzle, and together we figure out how all the pieces go together.

It takes at least a year or longer to get an RTT license. Marisa Peer (who created RTT) has incredibly high standards, and I had to pour my heart and soul into this to get qualified. To maintain the RTT license, it’s thirty hours of additional training every year. I don’t have to do this. I could keep my certification and call it a day. Instead, I continue to improve and learn as much as I can from Marisa because I want to do as much healing work as possible in one session.


I want your session to be so good you won’t ever need any therapy again.

Ooo, talking a big game now! Well, RTT is scientifically proven. It comes with a 95% success rate. Marisa is also working on getting insurance companies to cover the cost, but unfortunately, that takes time. As of right now, I’m not aware of any insurance company’s that cover hypnotherapy (I mean, look how long it took for chiropractors to be legitimized, and people still don’t believe in them).

There’s only a 5% chance this won’t work for you, and that’s reserved for people who are extremely left-brain. Everything is logical and a mathematical equation to them. It’s much harder for them to understand that the subconscious mind isn’t logical. The subconscious has no logical thinking skills. Emotions are not rational, so for these individuals, we send them a personalized recording to help them practice getting into the right-brain before we do a full session.

If you have an active imagination and remember spacing out as a kid or even now as an adult, this will work for you. We naturally go into a hypnosis state six to eight times a day without even realizing it.

Another reason I’m doing this is to take some of the burdens of traditional therapists. There are not enough of them to go around, and they want a much longer and more expensive commitment. Yes, traditional therapy is great for many people, but it’s not designed for me. I won’t do it. I’m a firm believer that if something works, it’ll work the first time.

We don’t know how far you will go after an RTT session, but we do know you’ll be able to measure the results over the next year. Some people have instant and overnight results, but there’s more. There are three ways people experience results:

  1. Instant results: Most people will feel an emotional shift during or right after the session.
  2. Retroactive: This is how it works for me. There’s a lag time, sometimes two or three days, and then it all comes together for me. This makes sense if you’re the kind of person who takes three days to get pissed off about something.
  3. Cumulative: This is where the measurable results come in, and seeing many small changes that build up over time. You’ll notice these changes three months, six months, and even a year later.

I am still blown away by how well this works. I haven’t had a session in over a year, and it doesn’t wear off. If an old feeling or pattern comes up, you know exactly what to do and why it’s happening because you understand yourself. It’s a permanent transformation because your mind knows how to heal itself, and once the mind learns something, it can never go back to its previous state.


What is the real value of your investment?

When you’ve been raised by a narcissistic parent, you go through daily conditioning, learning to distrust your internal voice. We were taught to ignore our intuition or told it was always wrong. RTT proves to you that’s not true, and you will never doubt yourself again.

One session puts an end to all the doubting, all the noise in your head, and all those days of dragging yourself through life. You’re going to be better than you’ve ever been in your entire life, and what will it cost? Your investment in this is a $300 flat rate. That includes all the taxes, processing fees, compensation for my time, and for the use of my skills.

It’s not easy to find support for narcissistic abuse. If you go through the RTT website to find a practitioner, they will quote you $400 per session. I’m still one hundred dollars cheaper, and I understand what this abuse does to a person’s mind. Many therapists, healers, coaches, and counselors won’t touch narcissistic abuse because they have no idea how to help. They don’t have the life experience, they’ve never had to heal from it, and it scares the crap out of them.

I worked on this every day, sometimes twelve and sixteen hours a day, putting this all together for several years. I am fully invested in RTT. There are much easier ways to make money online. I could stuff these articles with ads that nickel and dime you to death, but that’s not what I’m into.


I’m here to do one thing, and that’s to help you recover from narcissistic abuse.

I’ve seen, used, and invested in more healing sessions, products, and methods than I care to admit. As you can see, I’m only offering you one method because it’s the best.

Could I offer you life coaching? Sure. Do I think life coaching is going to resolve these kinds of issues? No.

NLP and other forms of coaching are fantastic for people, but I believe this kind of emotional abuse requires hypnotherapy. I don’t want to coach clients unless they’ve already had an RTT session. I don’t see the point in wasting my time and their money getting nowhere. I’m here for some powerful results. I want it to work the first time I try it. Then I want it to continue working without putting any more time or effort into it.


RTT goes straight to the imprint that is causing your symptoms and resolves the issue.

I refuse to go to long-term traditional therapy, and I was never going to do that. The sheer thought of it sounds absolutely exhausting to me, and it’s one of the top reasons people think this is too good to be true. RTT works the first time. You will never feel like that trapped or helpless child ever again. Those feelings won’t control your decision-making or affect you in your daily life anymore. Your mind will evolve, change, and upgrade your thinking during a two-hour experience that will bring your life to a whole new level.

RTT will bring you to the next level by giving you a deep understanding of yourself, and it will show you this with your own mind. It’s like tapping into a new frequency and a new level of understanding. When this happens, you are not paralyzed or stuck anymore. Your mind will be open to all the possibilities and potential you already have inside of you. Fast forward to a year later, and you’ll feel completely different and stronger than ever before. You’ll notice you can’t be offended by people who are not as mentally well as you are. You’ll be solid.

I’m not saying you’ll never get pissed off again. I’m saying when you do get pissed off, you’ll watch yourself handle it like the badass you are, and you will be damn proud of yourself. You won’t feel guilty or ashamed of mistakes you make because you’ll know how to forgive yourself and move on.


RTT is the ultimate package deal with the best of all worlds.

It’s a two-hour one-time commitment from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to do anything else except listen to a fifteen-minute recording as much as you want for the next three weeks. And that’s it. Your mind does all the work for you. This is easy, gentle, effortless healing, and you don’t have to fight through it anymore. The magic of how this works is understanding how powerful your mind is and knowing how to use your power.

This is about reawakening the personal power you were born with. A part of you that’s been rejected and stuffed down your whole life. It’s about loving yourself unconditionally and believing in yourself. It’s about not needing anyone to praise you or accept you because you praise and accept yourself, and when you praise and accept yourself, no one can ever take that away from you.

Your opinion of yourself is the only one that matters, and when you get there, you are truly free. Free to live the life you want on your own terms with unshakable confidence. So let me ask you, what’s that worth to you? I can tell you it’s worth every penny I invested, and I would’ve paid more. I hope this post helps you see the value of an RTT session because from where I’m sitting, it’s priceless.

Thank you for reading this to the end, and I hope you’ll consider giving yourself the gift of an RTT session too. It’s the best investment you’ll ever make in yourself, and it can be used to resolve any symptom or issue you’re struggling with. Please check out my homepage for videos and more information about how this works. Also, here is another post explaining what RTT is and why it has a 95% success rate.